Magontec has a long history of Research and Development and is the beneficiary of research programs undertaken by Norsk Hydro and the Australian Magnesium Corporation, its predecessor companies, over
the last 30 years.

Magontec and its predecessor companies, Hydro Magnesium and Australian Magnesium Corporation, have invested considerable time and money in developing new magnesium alloys and undertaking original research. Over the last 20 years the company has engaged in research projects with universities and Government scientific organisations in Australia, at the Hydro Magnesium R&D centre in Norway and more recently with leading automotive and power tool companies in Europe and Asia. Magontec is a leading magnesium alloy research and development company and one of the few magnesium companies producing original and commercial research for industrial application in the 21st Century

Magontec has embarked on a series of projects since the company was re-launched on the Australia Securities Exchange in 2011. Our focus has shifted to commercial alliances and the pursuit of specific industry oriented projects that Magontec coordinates between Universities in Europe and Australia, the research departments of leading European and Chinese die cast and application manufacturers and Government entities that provide additional financial support. The objective of this approach is to have projects maturing and new applications commencing production on a continuous basis so that demand for our product continues to grow year after year.

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