Magontec manufactures and provides technical support for leading product lines for water storage vessel protection under brand names including HyTonic® Anodes and Correx® Impressed Current Systems

Alloy quality makes a critical difference; Magontec has made millions of HyTonic® anodes over many decades producing a safe product that also protects health for water storage heaters produced by our customers

Total control of the processes employed ensures that Magontec remains the leading producer of safe and high performance products. Magontec has been investing for decades in technical know-how focussed on the electrochemical processes and industrial production procedures.

Magontec controls all production processes from sourcing the raw material to casting or extruding. The company has an intimate understanding of casting processes and techniques required to ensure that the product meets application-specific conditions. Further processing offers a variety of finished products appropriate to the specific requirements of the household environment including dimensions, functions and mounting types

Magontec’s cathodic corrosion protection product range consists of:

  • HyTonic® Anodes
  • Correx® Impressed Current Systems
  • CorroScout® Measuring Systems
  • S-Patron® Intelligent Measuring and Control Systems

HyTonic® Anodes use a protective current to prevent corrosion in water storage heaters. Even a perfect enamel coating leaves minute parts unprotected that, added together, threaten dangerous corrosion potential


Active Corrosion Prevention

HyTonic® Anodes work in three ways:

  • Primary effect: Potential reduction by electrochemical polarisation.
  • Secondary effect: Support of protective coating formation.
  • Tertiary effect: Reduction of oxygen.

HyTonic® Anodes are based on Mg AZ 63, both cast and extruded in diverse variations. This guarantees optimal sizing even where unusual dimensions are called for. In most regions of the world the physiological harmlessness of the alloy is a critical factor in choosing HyTonic® Sacrificial Anodes

Today, hundreds of millions of applications prove the perfect interplay between the high purity alloys of HyTonic® Sacrificial Anodes and the multitude of different enamel coatings of water storage heaters.

Cast anode rods are used for safe corrosion protection of water storage heaters.
HyTonic® Anodes have proven themselves a million times over as being long-lived and hygienic.

Types Available:

Ø 18 mm, length 80 – 800 mm
Ø 21.3 mm, length 80 – 1.000 mm
Ø 25.5 mm, length 80 – 1.500 mm
Ø 26 mm, length 80 – 1.500 mm
Ø 33 mm, length 80 – 1.500 mm
Ø 40 mm, length over 80 mm


The various installation types of HyTonic® Cast Anode Rods are made for different forms of installation.

  • Hole fitting: The anode rods are fixed with a 30 mm long M8 bolt with a sealing disc. A seal is laid on the disc, the anode passed through a hole, for example in a flange, and bolted up outside. HyTonic® Cast Anode Rods are fitted either insulated or non-insulated.
  • Socket fitting: Fitting is via threaded socket of ¾”, 1”, or 1¼” to ISO 228 or according to American NPT screw fixing. The anodes are made for easy fitting and supplied with a PTFE sealing ring.Socket fitting HyTonic® anodes can also be supplied insulated or non-insulated. For retro-fitting, additional fitting kits are available for the sizes already mentioned.

Extruded anode rods are used for corrosion protection of water storage heaters where especially long anodes are required. Extruded anode rods have a steel wire core, 3.4 mm in diameter.

Available Types:

Ø 21.3 mm, length max. 5750 mm
Ø 26 mm, length max. 5750 mm
Ø 33 mm, length max. 5750 mm


The various installation types of HyTonic® Extruded Anode Rods are made for different forms of installation.

  • Socket fitting:
    Fitting is via threaded socket of ¾”, 1”, or 1¼” to ISO 228 or according to American NPT screw fixing. The anodes are made for easy fitting and supplied with a PTFE sealing ring.
  • Anodes with extended wire:
    For direct welding into a tank or tank components, the wire extends from either one or both ends.

Magnesium chain anodes are used for corrosion protection of water storage heaters. They are ideal for retrofitting to storage tanks under low ceilings.

They are available with a plug screw for socket fitting or an M8 bolt for hole fitting. A special water drainage device is available.

The individual chain links are cast onto a flexible braided steel wire of 3 mm diameter. Standard diameters for the chain links are 22 mm and 33 mm. The number of links is as required, depending on the surface or the height of the storage tank.

HyTonic® Magnesium Compact Anodes are favoured for internal protection of condensators, coolers and water cooling systems. Various customer-specific machining processes are employed to ensure that the HyTonic® Compact Anodes meet the requirements of the application. They are available in round or square forms, with or without insert.

Types (dimensions and weights)

Ø 66 mm 1.2 to 7 kg
Ø 115 mm 0.5 to 7 kg
Ø 150 mm 5.0 to 10 kg
Ø 200 mm 15.0 to 25 kg

120 mm x 120 mm x 50 mm 1.2 kg
300 mm x 200 mm x 50 mm 5.0 kg
300 mm x 200 mm x 100 mm 10.0 kg
360 mm x 180 mm x 30 mm 3.1 kg


Magnesium compact anodes are available with or without insert. Typical insert forms are bolts, flat steel bar and pipe. Further variations are available.

HyTonic® Ground Anodes are for protection of ground laid tanks, containers and pipes. They have a magnesium weight of between 2 and 50 kg. HyTonic® Ground Anodes have a steel core.

Typical applications for HyTonic® Ground Anodes
Pipes: long distance pipes for oil, gas and water, pipe networks
Culverts: long distance pipes for oil, gas and water, waste water pipes
Harbours: sheet pile walls, piles, jetties, piers
Sluice gates: water gates, runners, locks
Industrial plant: pipes, tank floors, earthing systems, cables
Wells: oil, gas and water wells
Concrete reinforcement steel: harbour structures, dams, bridges, park houses
Internal protection: storage tanks, pipes, coolers, heat exchangers, turbines, condensators
Boats: hull anodes

Diameter: 75 to 156 mm.
Length: up to 585 mm, 50 kg version from 800 to 1000 mm.

Customer’s specific wishes regarding the dimensions of HyTonic® Ground Anodes are individually accommodated.

To compensate for seasonal variations in specific ground resistance, HyTonic® Ground Anodes are available as backfill types upon request.

HyTonic® offers a comprehensive accessory range. Professional materials are available for all fitting requirements. Assembly is both quick and precise.

Kits are available for retrofit applications.

Correx® impressed current systems feed a continuous protective electric current for warm water tanks. In particular, the combination of solar energy systems, heat pumps or combined heat and power plants with warm water generation all profit from electronically regulated protective current. Correx® Impressed Current Systems can reliably indicate any system failure. They reduce maintenance to
a minimum.


High-Tech for modern water storage heaters

The system consists of two central components; the Correx® potentiostat and the  Correx® titanium anode with mixed oxide coating. They are connected by cable and powered via mains cable. Fitting is exceptionally easy, by the same method as the magnesium anodes.


Types and Applications

There are three types available: Correx® UP, Correx® MP, Correx® OP.
The differences are mainly in the nominal current strength, between 50 and 180 mA.
The various models are adapted to suit the requirements of the user. For OEM use, circuit boards and built-in potentiostats are used, plug-in potentiostats are used for retro-fitments.


The titanium anodes have a mixed oxide coating. They are between 50 and 1200 mm long and can be fitted in pairs for increased effectiveness. Large storage tanks are protected by several systems. For retrofitting, Correx® is supplied with comprehensive fitting equipment. Correx® protects tanks with volumes of between 50 and 5000 litres safely and conveniently.

CorroScout® 600 is a professional anode tester for cathodic corrosion protection.
It provides all the important measurement functions for testing insulated and fitted sacrificial anodes and Correx® Impressed Current Systems. Shutting down or opening the tank is no longer necessary. The product comes with an attractive, robust housing and backlit.

Measurement Functions

  • Anode Drive Voltage in the ranges of 2 V for magnesium sacrificial anodes and 20 V for Correx® Impressed Current Anodes.
  • Mains Voltage Testing in the ranges of 230 V AC and 115 V AC
  • Internal Resistance of control probes in boilers and tanks with range of up to 20 kΩ
  • Potential Balance Resistance for water storage heaters with insulated fitting type electrical tubular heating elements, or others with potential balance resistance fitted, non-enamelled flat tube or finned tube heat exchangers.
  • Function Check of reverse polarity protection diodes.
  • Protective Current Discharge in the ranges of 20 mA (regular) and 200 mA.

For detailed information, please follow the link below:

S-Patron® Measuring and Control Systems


Cathodic corrosion protection meets control technology

3 Controllers – 1 Goal:
Energy efficiency + smart protection of your investment (heat, solar and hot water applications).

The new S-Patron offers state-of-the-art hot water management and regulating technology along with an Impressed Current Anode System (Powered Anode) that provides lifetime corrosion protection of the hot water storage tank(s) – two essential high performing functions in one controller!

Through Magontec’s exclusive NACP regulation algorithm S-Patron is protecting the hot water tanks as soon as the system is activated. S-Patron’s special boost feature ensures sufficient current availability in the crucial commissioning phase of the hot water system. So S-Patron is able to secure the reliable and error-free operation of the system. This way S-Patron controller eliminates the needs for ongoing maintenance of sacrificial anodes, so that maintenance expenses are just history.

The S-Patron has an optional thermal cycle for Legionella prevention and healthy water is permanently available in your domestic water heater. Apart from securing water safety, the S-Patron protects built-in solar collectors by actively monitoring overheating and anti-freeze mode. The control unit takes care reliably of any tube or flat collector connected to the circuit.

The S-Patron controller complies with the last ErP directives and has especially been designed to be in operation with high-efficiency pumps.

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