2011 January – Magontec presents magnesium alloys at the Automotive Lightening Technology Expo, Tokyo

A comprehensive spectrum of alloys for the automobile sector was the centre point of the Magontec Group’s presentation in Tokyo. At the 1st Automotive Lightening Technology Expo in Tokyo from 19 to 21 January 2011, direct consultation between experts from the automobile industry and noted suppliers took place. Alongside solutions for headlights, applications for engines and vehicle interiors were at the heart of the discussions.

The result was summarized by Christoph Klein-Schmeink, head of sales and marketing of the Magontec Group: “There is great interest in the special alloys AE 44 and HyMag 2 in Asia. Our magnesium alloys have enormous potential as regards weight saving in vehicles and therefore contribute to world-wide CO2 emission reduction. We are glad to have taken advantage of this opportunity to share experiences with our customers.” The development and sales departments at the Magontec Group note the suggestions given in order to apply the advantages of their alloys to customer tailored projects.

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