China produces most of the Primary Magnesium Alloy traded on world markets and Magontec is a leading exporter of generic and specialist alloys to die cast customers in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Adjacent to the world’s newest electrolytic magnesium smelter Magontec has constructed a new Primary Magnesium Alloy Cast House (Magontec Qinghai)

The Magontec Qinghai facility has an output capacity of 60,000 metric tonnes per annum and will take liquid pure magnesium from the adjacent smelter.

In 2013 Magontec entered into a long-term agreement with the Qinghai Salt Lake Magnesium Co Ltd (QSLM). As a part of that agreement Magontec Qinghai has

  • the exclusive right to manufacture magnesium alloys at this site
  • a 10 year lease with a 10 year option to extend

Magontec Qinghai and its partner company QSLM draw energy from a vast local renewable power infrastructure. 75% of the power required by this project comes from hydro and 10% from solar energy generating installations

The majority of magnesium alloys manufactured at Magontec’s Primary Magnesium Alloy facilities in China are

  • AZ91 –

Suited to pressure casting, gravity die-casting and sand casting

  • AM50/AM60

Exceptional elongation, tensile strength and energy absorption properties

Good castability makes them highly versatile in application

High Pressure Die Casting Alloys

  • AE 44 
    A rare earth and aluminium containing alloy for high temperature applications with excellent castability and ductility.

Available in two versions:
– AE44-4 containing four varieties of rare earths,
– AE44-2 containing only the lower cost rare earths: cerium and lanthanum.

  • AJ 62 
    Magnesium, aluminium and strontium containing alloy for moderate temperature applications
  • AS 31 
    An alloy with good ‘creep’ properties and mechanical characteristics used in engine components.
  • ZA 126
    The successor to HyMag2 and AM-lite alloys for applications requiring high surface definition and electroplatability.

ZA126 is for decorative – non structural applications.

Gravity Cast Alloy

  • SC1
    Magnesium rare earth alloy suitable for high temperature applications including engine blocks

Master Alloy

  • MicroZir™
    A magnesium – zirconium master alloy used to introduce zirconium to magnesium alloys for alloying and grain refining. Zirconium is present as particles in microns size range for high alloying efficiency and low sludge formation

Extrusion Alloys

  • EX1
    Combines high extrusion speeds, low cost, high ductility and closeness of tensile and compressive properties
  • AZ 31
    Most widely used magnesium extrusion alloy