May 2011 – IMA Conference in Prague – Magontec Group welcomes international guests

Magontec took advantage of the annual conference of the International Magnesium Association to present new applications for magnesium alloys. The automotive sector formed the focal point of products manufactured from Magontec alloys. Among them was the inner section of a rear door of a leading German car manufacturer based on AM50. An instrument holder based on AM50 too was also shown, produced by a leading global die casting company. The presentation was rounded off with the frame center console of a luxury vehicle based on the alloy AZ91.

In an in-depth presentation, Dr. Zisheng Zehn, Head of R&D at Magontec Xi’an (PR China) introduced some new developments with the creep-resistant alloy AE44. Among the many experts present from all over the world was Mr. Peter C. Wang and Mr. Ronald Chang from Foxconn, Taiwan who were greeted by Dipl.-Ing. Günter Rienaß representing Magontec (see photo). It was most agreeable to hear the appraisals of the North American visitors on the economic development within the automotive sector.

The effects of the recession are seen to be, for the most part overcome. Christoph Kleinschmeink, Head of Sales and Marketing at Magontec was happy with the resonance. “We will further emphasize the advantages of our magnesium alloys in the competitive market of materials, especially now with the help of our new developments” was his motivating statement on the course of the IMA Conference.

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