2010 June – Electrochemical corrosion protection in water holding systems – Presentation by Dr. Bytyn (Magontec) at the 8th Korrosionum of the GfKORR in Frankfurt / Main (Germany)

Dr. Wilfried Bytyn, head of R&D at Magontec GmbH, spoke on 21 June 2010 at the 8th Korrosionum of the GfKORR in Frankfurt / Main. The topic was electrochemical corrosion protection in water holding plant. Dr. Bytyn described in detail the principles of cathodic corrosion protection in water storage heaters and explained the international standards and the working principles. System types specific to basic applications were also covered, along with advice on planning, application and practical realization. An insight into Magontec’s laboratory testing served to gain understanding of the fundamental problems of application.
The GfKORR is the Society for Corrosion Protection. It supports industrial and scientific research into corrosion protection. Together with twelve further institutions, the GfKORR forms the Board of Trustees of Corrosion Research whose goal it is to utilize synergy effects in corrosion research. This is based on the interdisciplinarity of materials research, surface technology, joining technology and coating technology.


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