2010 March – Presentation of Magontec at the SME Thermal Conference in Berlin (Germany)

Mr. Christoph Klein-Schmeink, head of sales and marketing at Magontec GmbH spoke on 4 March 2010 at the first SME thermal conference in Berlin. His presentation “Tanks: Lifetime and Protection from Corrosion” was concerned mainly with cathodic corrosion protection of water storage heaters. In front of an international auditorium of industry representatives from twenty countries, Mr. Klein-Schmeink underlined the long-term importance of cathodic corrosion protection. Properly implemented cathodic corrosion protection helps today’s storage heaters to a working life of 15 to 20 years, when modern quality standards are observed at the enamelling stage.
The SME Thermal Conference will be continued in 2011 due to the enthusiastic response received. Here manufacturers, suppliers and experts of the Solar Heat Industry will advise on current developments of their sector. Magontec was a sponsor of the conference, being the world’s largest supplier of cathodic corrosion protection systems for storage heaters, and having a broad range of solutions.


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