2010 October – IMA Seminar 2010 in Munich with talk given by Dr. Zhen on the uses of the newest Magnesium Alloys

At the European seminar of the International Magnesium Association (IMA), new developments in alloys were at the center of the Magontec Group’s presentation. The leader of research and development at Magontec in Xi’an (China), Dr. Zisheng Zhen spoke on two current areas of application. One being the alloy ideally suited for exceptional surface finishes, HyMag 2. Used in pressure-castings of computer, camera and mobile phone components, it allows solutions that immediately catch the consumer’s eye. The other being the benefits to automotive components from the weight-saving and temperature resistant alloy AE 44, based on rare-earth metals. The application range of AE 44 is highly regarded at the upper end of the market.

The Magontec Group was represented by exhibits of automotive applications in the areas of driveline and vehicle interiors, examples of high quality surface finishes and a study into weight comparisons between magnesium alloys and other alloys. Those present at the IMA seminar had come from many countries to share experiences and exchange information. The chairman of the Magontec Group, Günter Franke sees here, confirmation of the growing interest in this extremely light, light alloy.

The Magontec Group will also be present at the American IMA seminar in Michigan / USA in October 2010.


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