2012 May – Magontec Limited Executive Chairman announces retirement of Gunter Franke and appoints Christoph Klein-Schmeink and Xunyou Tong as President Magontec Europe and President Magontec Asia respectively

7 May 2012: The Executive Chairman of Magontec Limited, Mr Nicholas Andrews, announced today the retirement of Mr Gunter Franke from the role of President Magontec Limited at the end of June this year. The Board has appointed Mr Christoph Klein¬Schmeink and Mr Xunyou Tong as President Magontec Europe and President Magontec Asia respectively.

Mr Klein-Schmeink is currently Magontec Group Vice President Sales and Marketing and has been with the company since 2000. Mr Tong is currently Vice President Magontec Asia and has been with the company since 2003.

Nicholas Andrews said, ‘Gunter Franke has been an employee of Magontec and Hydro Magnesium (Magontec’s previous owner) since 1975 and has served the company with great distinction. In 1996 Gunter was appointed Managing Director Hydro Magnesium GmbH and in 2007 Managing Director then President of Magontec Limited. In this time he has successfully led the business through an extremely difficult period in the global magnesium industry. Today Magontec Limited is the only non-Chinese global manufacturer and distributor of magnesium alloys and anodes and is poised to benefit from a series of new relationships and joint-ventures with the Chinese primary magnesium sector”.

“On behalf of the Board I would like to thank Gunter Franke for his outstanding contribution to Magontec, its employees, shareholders and customers over such a long period and wish him well in his retirement. Mr Franke will continue to serve the company as a member of the Magontec Limited main board”, Mr Andrews added.

Under the new group structure Mr Tong and Mr Klein-Schmeink will assume overall responsibility for all group production and marketing activities in Asia and Europe/Middle East/Americas respectively, reporting directly to the Executive Chairman. Both Mr Tong and Mr Klein-Schmeink have proven leadership track records and a long history with the company. Both gentlemen bring to their respective roles a fundamental understanding of the global magnesium industry and an ability to lead Magontec to greater profitability and success in the future.

Christoph Klein-Schmeink (47)
Christoph joined Magontec Limited (then Hydro Magnesium) in 2000 as Sales and Marketing Manager responsible for global sales of the company’s anode products. He was appointed Head of Sales and Marketing in 2007 and Vice-President of Global Sales and Marketing in 2011 and has responsibility for magnesium alloy and anode sales group-wide. Prior to joining Magontec Christoph held the position of Sales Director Asia Pacific with the global mining services company Terex Mining Corp. Christoph holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from Munster University.

Xunyou Tong (41)
Tong joined Magontec Limited in 2003 in the role of Production Manager, Finance Manager and Deputy General Manager. In 2006 Tong was appointed General Manager and assumed responsibility for all of Magontec’s Chinese activities, including recycling and joint ventures. Prior to joining Magontec Limited Tong spent eight years with the Henkel Adhesive Company Limited where he was Production and Branch Manager. Tong holds a Bachelors degree in Chemistry from Dalian University of Science and Engineering and an MBA from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

For further information please contact Nicholas Andrews or John Talbot on +6128231 7085
Magontec Limited 
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