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Magnesium Alloys for Modern High Pressure Die Casting – Specialist Presentation at the Euroguss 2018 Trade Fair

The metallurgical fundamentals of magnesium alloys and their application in engineering were the subject of a lecture by Matthias Gruber. Dr. Gruber is the Vice President of Technology and Production at Magontec.     The further development of magnesium alloys is strongly focused on advances of their applications. In this respect, the basic weight advantage […]

Magontec Qinghai – The World’s Greenest Magnesium Alloy Producer

Magontec’s investment in the new magnesium alloy cast house facility at Golmud signals our intention to remain a leading global supplier of magnesium alloy and magnesium alloy products.   Material from Magontec Qinghai will set a new benchmark for low-carbon magnesium manufacturing for a material that already enjoys high recycling rates.   Clink the link […]

Magnesium Alloy IP Puts Magontec in Driver Seat

17 May 2017 Magnesium alloy producer Magontec has seen a huge turnaround in its fortunes as countries around the world aim to reduce carbon emissions to address climate change. Executive Chairman Nic Andrews says car makers recognise that the lighter they make their vehicles, the more efficient they become and therefore emit less carbon. Griffith […]

Magnesium Alloy Recycling

Magnesium alloys are 100% recyclable returning to the industrial cycle a scrap product from die cast magnesium applications. Magontec has recycling facilities in Germany and Romania

2012 June – Magontec’s Golmud plant: New sources for magnesium alloy production

Magontec has recently announced a major new project that will dramatically increase the company’s future production capacity. A new foundry with an initial capacity of 56.000 mtpa will be built at Golmud, in Qinghai Province, PRC. Additional capacity will be progressively brought into the market under the agreement with Qinghai Salt Lake Magnesium Company Ltd […]

2012 January – Magontec’s magnesium alloy solutions at the Automotive Weight Reduction Expo, Tokyo

Recent customer solutions in automotive applications, based on Magontec’s magnesium alloys were presented in Tokyo, Japan, early this year. A large number of visitors were highly interested in the components shown at Morimura’s stand, Magontec’s long-term agent in Japan. As an example of the use of Magontec’s high purity standard alloy AM50, a Volvo instrument […]

2011 January – Magontec presents magnesium alloys at the Automotive Lightening Technology Expo, Tokyo

A comprehensive spectrum of alloys for the automobile sector was the centre point of the Magontec Group’s presentation in Tokyo. At the 1st Automotive Lightening Technology Expo in Tokyo from 19 to 21 January 2011, direct consultation between experts from the automobile industry and noted suppliers took place. Alongside solutions for headlights, applications for engines […]

2010 October – IMA Seminar 2010 in Munich with talk given by Dr. Zhen on the uses of the newest Magnesium Alloys

At the European seminar of the International Magnesium Association (IMA), new developments in alloys were at the center of the Magontec Group’s presentation. The leader of research and development at Magontec in Xi’an (China), Dr. Zisheng Zhen spoke on two current areas of application. One being the alloy ideally suited for exceptional surface finishes, HyMag […]

INTERVIEW: China’s magnesium price direction in 2022 hinges on coal, says Magontec CEO

HIGHLIGHTS Low prices in 2020 ‘unlikely to be seen again’ No substitute for magnesium in aluminum alloying process Price direction in China’s magnesium market in 2022 will hinge on coal prices, as the domestic magnesium sector relies heavily on coal-powered energy, the CEO of key magnesium producer Magontec told S&P Global Platts in an interview. […]

Magontec Qinghai Mg Alloy Cast House Project

In 2013 Magontec Limited signed a series of agreements with the Qinghai Salt Lake Magnesium Co. Ltd (QSLM). These agreements committed Magontec to the construction of a new magnesium alloy cast house production facility and QSLM to the supply of 56,000 metric tonnes per annum of liquid pure magnesium The agreements signed by Magontec and QSLM comprise […]


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